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Emiel Hullebroecklaan 11, Kortrijk, Belgium

Indis Nv deal in the distribution of pharmaceuticals for both human and veterinary products, We are a small business that have been up and running for over 30years with plenty of experience in the health and food industry, we believe ...

  • pharmaceuticals - basic and auxiliary products
  • pharmaceutical products
  • amino-acids
  • enzymes
  • extracts for pharmaceutical preparations
  • pharma distributor
  • evaporation systems
  • sourcing active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • gas and oil - exploitation
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RoyalPosthumus SA
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Rue du Développement, 4837 Baelen, Belgium

Regal Posthumus S.A is a Belgian organization located in street du Developpement, Baelen. We have practical experience in exchanging custom elastic stamps, metal stamping pack and we offer the likelihood for every customer to make their own particular stamps on the ...

  • Custom Rubber Stamps
  • custom stamps
  • postcard stamps
  • wedding postcard stamps
  • metal stamping kit
  • metal letter stamps
  • personalized stamps
  • create your own stamp online
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Rue Grand Ry 42, Pepinster, Belgium

Ateliers Pierre Cerfontaine was founded in 1951, and handles the design and creation of extraordinary mechanical parts.The company prides itself on working with exceptional machinery: over 35 CNC machines with impressive dimensional capacity. Integrated production: Cutting, Welding, Machining, Painting, Assembly.

  • mechanical weld set
  • machined mechanical welding
  • cnc boring
  • precision machining
  • large format machining
  • cnc milling
  • mechanical workshop
  • welding
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Rue du Trône 14, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium

Amira Language School, Brussels offers a wide programme of French language groups, with many parallel levels (max. 8 students per group). Brussels and our intensive French language groups are full of energetic, very well-qualified students in their twenties and thirties from ...

  • language schools
  • language lessons brussels
  • language lessons belgium
  • french training
  • language group
  • short french course
  • language immersion
  • french lessons brussels
  • french language school
  • french lessons
  • work experience abroad
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Rochester Gauges International S.A.
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Avenue Lavoisier B-1300 Wavre

Since 1967, we design, manufacture & commercialise products for markets such as Agricultural, Aircraft, Automotive, Refrigeration, Industrial, LP-Gas, Marine, Heavy trucks, Off-road, Construction, Locomotive, Chemicals, Process Equipment. Rochester produces liquid level gauges for pressurised and unpressurised liquid, for static and mobile ...

  • distributor
  • gases industriais
  • level gauges
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Antwerp Diamond Club Office 210 Pelikaanstraat 62

Competitive Diamond Wholesaler from Antwerp. Fast continuous service measured at the demands of multi-diamond-buying jewelry-producers. Call: +32-3-2310207. We are specializing in small white, H+ (Wesselton+) polished natural diamonds from 0.003-0.36ct, and we service the whole range of other diamonds, such as fancy shapes ...

  • diamonds
  • polished diamonds
  • wesselton
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Heideveld 56, 1501 Beersel, Belgium

Visserie Guerry has been in business since 1924, a family firm specialising in cold-heading. A process that demands very specific know-how that offers incomparable advantages. Visserie Guerry is your best choice for bespoke screw products. A team of thirty is at ...

  • nuts and bolts, custom-made
  • fastening devices
  • fasteners, metal
  • screws made to customers' drawings
  • special bolts
  • washer head screws
  • special cold heading parts
  • metal screws
  • screw and washer assemblies
  • sems screws
  • bespoke screw products
  • special screws
  • customised special screws and bolts
  • special screw
  • cold heading
  • specially designed bolts
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Chaussée de Louvain 354, 1300 Wavre, Belgium

Belgian Association of Top Sellers, Sales Reps and Traders. The aim of the association is to enhance trading businesses and help boost the self employed, SME's, small businesses and even large companies in need. Our challenges are: To enhance trading businesses ...

  • associations and organisations
  • management advice
  • marketing strategy consultants
  • personnel - external management
  • management training
  • commercial training
  • teacher training
  • company manager and leadership training
  • training for managers
  • training for salespeople
  • training for head-hunters
  • training for trainers
  • stress and time management training
  • conflict management training
  • objective management training
  • assertive management training
  • trading business association
  • top sellers' association
  • assistance and head-hunting services for sme's
  • legal assistance services for the self employed
  • debt recovery assistance service
  • strategic advice for businesses
  • business management consultancy
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John F. Kennedylaan 3, 9042 Gent, Belgium

Our key expertise includes metal alloys design and processing, coating development and analysis, parts engineering, modelling, and welding process optimisation as well as product safety risk assessment. To meet your needs and markets, we offer a full range of services. We help you ...

  • steel
  • parts engineering
  • expertise for steel applications
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Rue de Dublin 27

Your 3D printing experts. Official reseller of Ultimaker, Formlabs, Zortrax. We offer the best 3D printing services in Europe. Contact us now!

  • Product Design
  • product development
  • 3D printing
  • 3D Printers
  • 3D Scanners
  • 3D printing service
  • 3D filament
  • 3D scanning service
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