How to contact potential buyers or suppliers

1. Register or sign-in

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Register or sign-in

2. Complete your company profile

Just how you prepare when you meet a new person that you want to impress or get their attention. Same applies here, if you want optimal feedback you have to prepare your appearance a little bit. It takes only 5-10 minutes and it can take you a very long way. So once you have uploaded your logo, wrote a description of your company, added your products, contacts and keywords, you are ready to go!

Complete your company profile

3. Use the search bar

You can search for products, company names, services, business categories, or any other key word that you believe it could be relevant for your search. You will notice, while you type, we will provide you with organized suggestions. The website will automatically display a list of companies relevant for your search. Once you see this list of companies you can filter further by subcategory and/or country so you make your search even more focused. After desired filters have been applied, you should be looking at a list of companies according to your search criteria.

Use the search bar

Now you have two options:

1. Contact companies one by one by clicking on their designated 'Contact Company' button, write your message and click Send.

2. Use the bulk messaging system available on the website by selecting each company you wish to contact (check box to the left of each company name in the list), click on the 'Contact Selected Companies' button, write your message and click Send.

The recipient(s) will receive notification in their email account and OnlineCompanies account and will be able to reply. For a higher response rate to your inquiries, please make sure your messages are correct, polite and proactive.

Two options
More Customers, Better Suppliers

By listing your company with you will be able to contact importers and exporters from all over the world and from every business sector. is a business directory offering verified and updated business contacts from all over the world. On our website you can find millions of companies from all business sectors.

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