MB Scientific AB

Seminariegatan 29B, 752 28 Uppsala, Sweden
752 28, Uppsala, Sweden


What we wanted and still want to do is the Science. Challenging every day to develop and produce best possible instruments for the advanced research. It is not easy but we do believe it is worth to put our life to contribute to the human future. We do believe in the Science. “Science makes us humans different from the animals” was the words I received from a researcher of Ukraine at the M2S Conference in Switzerland last year. I feel nowadays it is more than ever important to work with the science and education. Europe had experienced the Renaissance after the Dark Ages. At that time science was rising and religion decreased its power to control human life. We MB Scientific will keep working hard to produce reliable instruments and assist all our customers in their effort pushing the front line of science forward, as I believe this helps bringing us all a peaceful and prosperous future.

  • education
  • personal care and hygiene products
  • reliable instruments
Key Figures
Company Headcount
Employees <9
% of Export Sales
% of Export Sales
Turnover < $500,000
Year 2001
Type Establishment
Type Establishment Registered office
Main Activity
Main Activity Manufacturer / Producer
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